You can have a mark, or a goal. Get so tunnel vision focused on that goal. I’ll tell you right now that in life, things don’t always happen the way we plan them. And when things happen, and you hit a road block you have to adjust your gears and rework the plan. The BEST part about myself that I absolutely love is no matter what storms I face, or what happens, I can always look to Jesus for the blueprint.

My openness to receive and accept what is, has been key for me. As long as there’s still breath in my body to still call and rely on Jesus, I’m never defeated! What God has ordained for my life is far more relevant than the temporary feelings of pain. I have come to accept that some pain is necessary. Who am I to say what’s not fair for me? My strongest pain points has pushed me closer and closer to Him. Into His calling, and His alone. Which is ultimately has been all of my true heart’s desires.

Who’s Really Happy?

Quit pretending to be happy. Happy people aren’t constantly throwing shade and spitting out negativity. That’s what miserable people do. Happiness shows up in your attitude towards people and life as a whole. When you’re happy, you treat people good. A lot people are out here pretending because deep down they’re too ashamed to admit they’re unhappy and hurting.

Praying we all find happiness in our own lives and spread it around. If you can’t spread good around, at least be quiet. We are too old to not be responsible for our own happiness. No one is at fault for how you view your life but yourself. When you choose to see the worse in other people, it’s a direct reflection of what you see within yourself.

We all have stories of pain, but what I’ve learned is some pain is necessary in order to grow. And you’re not growing as a person when you choose to use people as targets of YOUR miserable thoughts.

What you dish out, will come back to you 10 fold. Try dishing out good thoughts and forgiveness. How can you want and call on God to show you mercy and grace, but you stay talking down on the next person on their flaws or mistakes? Maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s my experiences, but whatever it is I’m grateful for my life and I’m not trying to waste it on making someone else’s miserable.

I’ll tell you what: Truth Is…

It’s not the people, it’s the spirits that lives inside the people…

Have you ever enjoyed the spirit of an individual? When they come around – you just really enjoy them because of the good it does for you. When they’re gone it’s the spirit of them you miss. Speaking hypothetically, you can go on not seeing them ever again in physical form, but if that person who’s spirit brought you good happen to call on the phone, I’m just thinking about how their spirit comes alive enough to put you in a place to where it didn’t matter that you couldn’t see their face – you got to connect with their spirit and so that fed you.

Where there’s another side of that. People are humans, with spirits on the inside of them and most battle with identity and validity issues. That’s why people lie or disguise what’s real, they are not ready for the truth because they suffer from identity and validity issues.

Identity is knowing – knowing is truth – truth is valid.

Do you see that?

You can’t have one without the other… and I want to be known to GOD as someone who operates in them all.

I say that because the only way to know the truth, and who you are, and all that is around you is by consulting the one who has created you. I’ve learned that He will reveal when to move, how to move, and if He doesn’t reveal it then, that means not to move.

Self control is also a fruit of the Spirit yet we seem to focus on the love and being kind, faithful, and gentle and all the other rosey characteristic of the Fruits of the Spirit, but fail to zone in on the self control. Which is the only characteristic drives every other characteristic if you possess them. Having self control means that we are aware of who we are, our position and what we stand for at all times, and that’s the battle… Not other people. For example, I’m a woman wherever I go. I’m a Mom wherever I go. I’m black wherever I go. Those are things that I already know walking into any situation or any door. Help us to know Your ways Lord, wherever we go. Help us to see Your path for our lives. Without self-control we’re not really operating in the Spirit. We get up everyday and consult, and check in with everyone else before we ask the One who allowed us to see the light of day. Go about our day choosing where we place truth, or how we should deal with certain issues. Some feel inferior full of self-righteousness and won’t ask for directions even if they were lost. Don’t be that person.

Instead, ask the Father to help you, to prepare us for what comes with standing in truth. Because if it’s done with right heart, once it penetrates your soul, you’ll never be the same. There’s no mistaking on the battlefield with spiritual eyes, they see 20/20 vision. Your fights in the flesh STOPS when you are walking in the spirit. OK Lord, I see that’s why you have me here. I see how it’s important for me to read my Bible daily – multiple times a day. Not just to read to recite, but to fill my spirit so that I’m walking in the Spirit with the required lenses to see the enemy’s tricks.

Where everybody have goals to be successful by the world’s standards. When my only goal is to have the word so hidden in my heart, when the enemy comes to do what he does (kill, steal, and destroy) anything that will prevent me from winning is when I’m reminded as the Scripture says to put on the full armor of God. Oh yeah, I know what that means…

To battle humanly against a person won’t change a person’s behavior. Now if you truly believed that in your heart, you would be a peace with knowing that the battle has already been won.

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Delighted Desire

He exceeded my expectations when I decided to trust Him. His love has been consistent, patient, revelational at its best. It’s gentle, kind, and soul strong. Resourceful and compassionate, often misunderstood. Like a calm soothing wind, love that is open, and free flowing.

A small stream of light in those dark places. His love is protective, passionate, a different type of discipline, I feel so safe. Uniquely driven by the needs of humanity. Forceful, He is not, and generosity for no reason. One I’ve never seen before. I learn from it, it doesn’t deny me, or truth. His love is ethical, fair, and what’s so surprising is it’s not said. It’s whispered quietly across the hearts of many.

It not a knockoff, it’s the real deal. Uncovering the patch, opening up those wounds. Letting Him touch, heal, and securely wrap up the cuts. Nurture them back to health, with each stroke of love. Allowing, accepting, appreciating and adjusting to where He wants me to go. Somehow I feel free to be the best me because of You. The answer to my cry, my friend, my guy. I’m proud to stand next to you, you stand proudly next to me. Proud of where I come from, and You see where I can be. Looking past my imperfections and shortcomings, and blesses me daily with His coverings. I look forward to the challenging days, because of Love, His Love, and Our Love for Him – we become better willingly something for His Glory.

Lundun Bridges

Maybe It’s Just Me But…

Facebook timeline scrolling can lead to an array of emotions. I find it easy to get inspired to write by something I’ve caught on my timeline. Ever since Facebook upgraded their features and allowed users to turn their text status updates into memes to enhance visibility, everyone seems to post memes now. There’s a meme for every situation you could image. Some good, some extremely funny, and some downright scandalous. With all the videos and memes being shared, I try to pay close attention to those that is food for thoughts and souls.

Here’s a nice one that deserves some attention…Which bring about revelation of my own life. Where I begin to internalize and evaluate the costs. Where questions begin to surface, and inventory of what’s left of the old life is counted. Maybe there’s a lifetime movie, or #1 Bestseller storybook to be written, only God knows what the new life would look like. I think hardest part about anticipating a new life is the walking away from the old one.

Bible App is a MUST!!!

Today I got up as I normally would to get ready for work. Feeling a bit pressed for time since I got off to late start. Rushing about my morning, I showered, dressed and hurried to my car. I started it up and headed to the interstate, dreading my 2 hour commute. But like most days, I took this time to turn on my Bible app to begin hearing the daily word. There’s something about being in the presence of the Lord that soothes our fears, and feeds the need for not giving up. There are specified narrative plans dedicated to feed the the hunger of whatever it is you may be facing. With scripture after scripture for devoting time mediating, learning the Word of God, and worship. Whatever season you may be in, there is a plan to see you through it. I love the app, and highly recommend it. You can read alone if you choose, or with a group of people. What I love most about it is, I can Hear the Word of God. Guaranteed faith fuel, and a conversation with the Lord!

Reminded of Romans 10:17: “17 So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

I’ve added 4 plans to my studies. Yes, I actively study them all. I toggle back and fourth doing one after another. Somehow they seem to be all connected or reference one another. There are days where I find myself pondering text from one plan, and get revelation of what God is showing me in text from another plan. Here’s a list of plans I’ve committed to completing.

1). The Ruth Challenge

2). Seeking Wisdom

3). God’s Promise’s for the Hungry Heart

4). Soul Rest: Seven Days to Renewal.

I started with Seeking Wisdom. What a beautiful moment it was…

Straight from the Book of Matthew 6th chapter. A Cure for Anxiety, about 30 minutes into listening to the reading of the Word. The narrator begin the mediation with talking about the day on the hill on the shore of Sea of Galilee, how they all crowded around to hear Jesus share His thoughts on how to live a life dedicated to pleasing God. A life lived to glorify God, and enjoying Him forever. A life not spent rushing, or concealed in shame or anxiety. It’s easy to get in tune with the Holy Spirit when I open my heart up and relive what’s hurting me, or the things that gives me anxiety. Something I need filling up on. It was like Jesus Himself was guiding me through saying, “Right there where you are with those uncomfortable feelings, and insecurities.” The unknown – that’s where I begin. I start to call out on Jesus’ name. Declaring victory over my anxieties and anxiousness. I cried out all the things that I had needed and feared. Claiming peace over my thoughts. Asking God for wisdom and understanding above anything else. Thanking Him for this moment, thanking Him for giving me the strength to endure another day. A burst of thanksgiving shot through my body as I thought about my kids, my job, and my state of mind. It was Powerful! Breathing in God’s grace, and exhaling worry. Breathing in God’s love, exhaling fear. Breathing in the Holy Spirit, exhaling all my anxieties. Breathing in heavens prosperity, exhaling condemnation. 30 minutes in, just as the narrator began to close out mediation with praying saying,

“Now that you remember to stop being worried or anxious, perpetually uneasy, and distracted about your life. God loves and cares for you far more than anything else in His creation. Besides, worrying won’t add one hour to the length of your life. Now to the Father, and to the Son, and Holy Spirit; as it was in the beginning, is now, and forever will be. Amen.

Today you have the opportunity to be cared for. Expect anxiety. Anticipate it approaching and expect it to subside. Leaving you whole and present. It has come before. It has passed before. God has been there before. He is here now. He will be here again. So when you are ready, step into your day and be mindful of moments to be cared for by God.”

At that point I had decided it was best to get off the highway and take the backroads because traffic was too heavy. About an hour and a half away from work, I turned off the highway and onto the street and my car shutdown. It was if the car completely went dead. The dash was dark and the steering wheel seemed to have locked. There I was 60 seconds before mediating on the word of God, and how to face my anxieties, and I hit with a major test just as the narrator said I would. Scared out of my mind of being hit by a semiconductor, or another vehicle. I began to panic. I called my supervisor, cousin, and kids father. 10% left on my battery life, I shut the phone off and looked around at the valley fields and begin to thank God for placing me right in the midst of His beauty. I prayed for a hedge of protection for myself as I waited for someone to come get me off the side of the road. Just as I felt a calmness, I hear a clicking noise. Almost as if there was an electrical surge noise. I thought I would try and start the car and it started right up. I wasted no time lifting up the name of Jesus, because I know it was Him who saw me through. Trying to dodge oncoming trucks, I drove out onto the road and stopped at a nearby gas station as waited for the help. You can’t tell me God isn’t real!!! Everything He said He would do, and so much more!